UPS Repair & Maintenance  

Now these days, UPS System is typically the heart of every electric power route to business critical loads, thus making UPS upkeep a critical anxiety. The loss of use of any business critical schemes can be staggering, financially as well as the promise loss of clientele goodwill, particularly when contrasted to the cost of preventive UPS maintenance. The prime purpose of UPS upkeep is to be proactive by double-checking that the UPS System is completely operational at all times and to have recovery methods in place, should a malfunction occur. Insync Technologies has the capability of serving purchasers with any kind of UPS system and Inverter fixing. The services are assisted with supreme know-how so that clients obtain a satisfactory and dependable solution to their problems. Personal or internal impairment initiated to the UPS or inverters are effectively dealt under the vigilance of highly experienced engineers.

•7X24on site UPS services
• Preventive UPS Maintenance
• Corrective UPS Maintenance
• Full UPS Maintenance
• Central dispatch after hour’s service

Related Services of UPS –
• Warranty extension
• Repair
• Maintenance Plans


Insync Technologies deals in furnishing AMC i.e. the Annual Maintenance Contract services considering the UPS brands on purchaser demand. These association agreements with provisioning of answers entirely through the day as well as evening without any matters appeared. The level of know-how is high in serving clients with AMC Support/Spare Support/Spot Service for all available varieties of UPS system. Insync Technologies core team has more than 30 year of industry experience. We would one of the putative Ups AMC Rental Company in North India. We are quality focused organization and are committed to deliver flawless range of Batteries and UPS Systems to achieve the satisfaction of our esteemed clients.

For Power & Cooling Solutions
The AMC Service assisted by our organization includes:
• Maintenance of UPS & Cooling systems on regular basis
• 24x7 Service Support
• Supervising the battery performance of the UPS

Most Of Benefits From Insync Technologies
• Better value
• Customized answers
• Tough value command management
• Skilled professionals
• Comparable charges
• Timely consignment
• Ethical business practices

UPS on Rent & Hire  

An UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply, UPS is an electrical apparatus that endue exigency power to a load when the input power source, typically mains power, fails. An UPS is a different from a subsidiary or emergency power system or standby generator in that it will provide near-instantaneous protection from input power interruptions, by supplying energy stored in batteries or a flywheel.

Insync Technologies Reliable UPS Rental Company
Insync Technologies provides UPS System on Rental Basis for a long term or even a short term according to the client’s requirement.
Insync Technologies along with giving preventive upkeep furthermore guide the clientele with proper answer for any kind of query & persuade the desires & obligation of the clientele at the largest level
Insync Technologies, all our schemes are fully checked and prepared for installation by our declared UPS engineers, who will install and commission the groups to rendezvous your timescales and demands..
We provide the 24/7 Ups rental services in North India region. You can meet your UPS and Emergency power equipment needs through our rental and lease-to-own programs. We also provide the Installation, and Start Up as well as any required maintenance.
• Immediate availability and rapid response
• Single and Three Phase Systems
• Delivery, Installation and Start Up
• Engineering and application support
• On-going service and maintenance
• Rent/ Lease to own programs